1967 Toyota 2000GT Convertible

Make: Toyota
Model: 2000GT
Year: 1967
Mileage: 45,575 Miles
Engine: 1988cc DOHC
Transmission: 5-Speed
Exterior Color: Pearl White
Interior Color: Black Leather
VIN: MF10-10117
Price: N/A

Purchased in 1991¬†from the second owner, Tyson’s Toyota, we performed a restoration & conversion to create the only Toyota¬†2000GT “convertible” in the world. The “Bond 007” license plate attracts a lot of attention during ralleys & cruise nights as people remember the original 2000GT “Bond” car from the Ian Flemming film, “You Only Live Twice”. This particular car has run the New England 1000 Ralley twice & participated in several shows & driving events proving it’s reliability born of true Toyota tradition. Interested parties should e-mail or call to discuss specific details & pricing.

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